Born in the 1990s in Tahiti, Kohei grew up on the Island of Bora Bora.
Spending her days by the lagoon and the lush inland areas, nature was omnipresent and of great importance to the young designer.

The love story between Kohei and Fashion started at a young age through her grandparents, photographer, and designer. Her grandmother had a small atelier at home and operated the first store on the Island.

"My grandmother always had an effortless yet elegant way of dressing up. Her color palette was very neutral, which I found very chic. The only bright color was garnet red, and then there was beige, black and white."

Kohei's vision was, therefore, evident in her heritage and upbringing. Her core concept was to reimagine the Tahitian man and woman in a modern way while keeping their authenticity.

Her pieces are both elegant and versatile, playing with fluidity and structure. She is blending Antique Tahitian patterns with twenty-first-century modernity.

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